Who am I? And why are you here?

Allyson Marie Bento… but you can call me Allyson

Okay, you can actually call me any arrangement of my given name, I’ll even answer to close enough names like “Alice”, “Alyssa” or “Allen”. I once responded to a man yelling for Dale, whoever that may be, the point is you will always have my attention.

Just as you have my attention, something has brought you to my page and now I have yours and I promise not to waste it…unless you’re completely disinterested in what I talk about then I guess I just wasted your time.

This blog was started as a way for me to talk about sports when I’m away from work, which for me is sports… I work as a sports journalist currently for the University of North Dakota’s student paper, Dakota Student (Link Below.)

This blog soon became a place for me to vent about the stuff in my life that doesn’t involve work but rather the frustrations of living in a Millennial/Gen Z college student world and all the ups and downs it comes with.

Most times I get my ideas from something that bothers me and I’ll just write out everything in my head and post it… This is not journalism, this is me talking to you through a computer. Other times I ask people what they want me to write about and I see if it interests me, send me an email suggestion at anytime through the contact page!

While my passion for sports journalism is what leads me in my career path and is my number one priority (See humble brag collage below), I needed somewhere to vent and that’s where you’ve ended up.

I’m all for the freedom of speech idea, and I am the first person to admit when I am wrong. So if you agree or disagree or would like to talk more about a topic send me an email and let me know your thoughts.




check out my Dakota student page below!